“Kaunas String Quartet and Prof. A.Budrys performed W.A.Mozart Quintet for clarinet and two violins, viola and cello op. 108. Stylish, expressive sound, well-balanced dramaturgic line, virtuosity – these are epithets which I would characterize the performance of the quartet and soloist.”
09 02 – Muzikos barai (Lithuania)

“Suokos was deciphered in Kaunas. I was deeply amazed by the excellent interpretation” – claimed Bajoras who earlier had a number of complaints to the Silesia Quartet from Poland to whom this quartet was dedicated.”
21 11 00 – Lietuvos Rytas (Lithuania)

“One can only be amazed by the enthusiasm and endeavour of the quartet to retain high artistic level. The quartets representing different epochs acquired their own face. An elegant and gallant Mozart was shifted by a melodious Schubert, while Bartulis’ Psalms distinguished itself by its exclusive gravity and subtle dialogue between the members of the quartet where each of them listens to one another attentively.”
11 00 – Muzikos Barai (Lithuania)

“The musicians were playing like like-minded people exploiting all the means of their armoury in order to achieve a well-considered and sensuous artistic goal. Deep perception of music, ability to convey it marked the whole programme.”
03 10 00 – Lietuvos Rytas (Lithuania)

“The musicians convinced the listeners that hard work, talent and consensus omnium of individualities gives splendid results. We listened to stylish, expressive music, which seemed to be performed as if with one instrument.”
24 06 00 – Kauno Diena (Lithuania)

“Four young enthusiastic musicians presented the works of mid generation composers of their country with amazingly meditative and deep expression .”
10 11 99 – Cottbuser Rundschau (Germany)

“I am impressed by the attempts of this quartet to retain the position of the “ambassadors” of serious art in Kaunas. I would like to single out the execution of Shubert’s Quartet whose dramatic line was well-considered, the details polished and the presentation effective.”
21 08 98 – Kauno Diena, the music critic Dr. Ona Narbutienė (Lithuania)

“Bravo! A perfectly ballanced virtuosity and expressiveness! The elegant performance of the Kaunas String Quartet led the concert to undoubtful success.”
03 07 98 – Tonsbergs Blad (Norway)

“Masterly interpreting the works of Haydn, Schubert, Bartulis, Ravel and other composers the Kaunas String Quartet revealed and demonstrated the high cultural standard of the Baltic States.”
13 09 93 – Märkische Oderzeitung (Germany)

“The young musicians from the Kaunas String Quartet made a strong impression on the audience not only from the technical point of view, but also surprised by the manner of expressing devotion to their music and their beautiful, disciplinary sound.”
24 08 92 – Der Neue Tag (Germany)