“…at first they performed the “Liberation” quartet (world premiere) of the New York-residing Israeli composer Eliav Kohl. Kohl dedicated this composition to the Kaunas String Quartet. The soft pizzicato passages symbolized the expensive greatness of freedom, and the slow string melodies reverberated with fragility, almost demonstrating how vulnerable freedom is... .."
04 09 22 – aloys.news/de

“...The performance by Kaunas String Quartet was one of the most visible accents of the Amerseerenade classical music festival. The Quartet, one of the most sought after ensembles in their country, consisted of violinists Karolina Beinarytė and Aistė Mikutytė, cellist Saulius Bartulis and violist Eglė Lapinskė. They were able to offer a cross-section of their awesome repertoire and performed contemporary pieces from their homeland...” .."
29 08 22 – Süddeutsche Zeitung

“...The Kaunas String Quartet’s concert was truly full in Schondorf Jakobskircherl. Four Lithuanian musicians performed two Lithuanian composer pieces and a wonderful String Quartet C-Moll op. 18 No. 4 by Ludwig van Beethoven. The enthusiastic applause highlighted the exquisite tase of the Kaunas Quartet. It was a a joyous occasion for the mind and emotions...” .."
28 08 22 – aloys.news/de

“The Kaunas String Quartet prepared and performed the Barok and Beethoven opuses fantastically, with immense expression, style, synchronicity, an uplifting mood. They created not only the highest class artistic feel to the performance, but also managed to spread an amazing feeling of togetherness for listeners…” .."
10 08 22 – Septynios meno dienos (Lithuania)

“...The recent performance by the Kaunas String Quarter, pianist Albina Šikšniūtė and guitarist Saulius S.Lipčius shone through in bright new colours. The latest quintet night was organised specifically for its most faithful ensemble’s – the Kaunas String Quartet’s (Karolina Beinarytė-Palekauskienė, Aistė Mikutytė, Eglė Lapinskė, Saulius Bartulis) – anniversary. There, the quartet opened up just as vibrantly, stylishly and lively as always. The masterful guitar of S.S.Lipčius during the Luigi Boccherini quintet in D Major (D. 448) acted as proof of the ensemble’s ability to play with subtlety and flexibility. Especially intriguing were the many playful moments during the performance, including the violin or cello “chirping flageolets”, the distinct glissandos, and – in the finale – the stylish Fandango with S.Bartulis’ castanets. And here, the heavy, energetic and melodic Elgar Piano Quintet in A Minor (op.84) was painted in very different colours by A.Šikšniūtė..."
16 08 21 – Septynios meno dienos (Lithuania)

"...It is safe to say that if the Kaunas String Quartet debuts a piece, they guarantee a perfect, subtle sound and a deep understanding of the composition. The Quartet performed every single one of the six pieces by different composers distinctly, persuasively, by not only meticulously thematically fulfilling the composition, but also by paying homage to the composer's personality..."
04 11 19 Music Antenna (Lithuania)

"...Classical music took the audience of Nida Lutheran Church to another world in one of the most astounding concerts of the season. The concert united several groups (Kaunas String Quartet, the St. Christopher Woodwind Quintet and the Lithuanian National Symphonic Orchestra) into a small orchestra to perform Schubert’s Octet in F major, which in itself is similar to a symphony, for the first time in Lithuania.
Few attempt to unite such an ensemble for a one-time show as immense preparation needs to be made to be able to perform it well. These concerts are true gems of the Thomas Mann festival, and there were a few. The public erupted with bravos and ovations once the Octet was finished, and the viewers simply did not want to let the performers leave without an encore. .."
20 07 19 – Lietuvos rytas (Lithuania)

“...The rich, almost symphonic texture, romantic colours, playful folk intonations and melody of Eduardas Balsys‘ String Quartet were revealed finely by the longstanding participant of the festival – the Kaunas String Quartet (Karolina Beinarytė-Palekauskienė as First Violin, Aistė Mikutytė as Second Violin, Eglė Lapinskė as the Viola, and Saulius Bartulis as Cello). It was truly interesting to hear Balsys‘ opus live after so long. It is most definitely deserving of a place in the repertoire of the Kaunas Quartet and the Lithuanian music scene...“
02 08 19 – Music Antenna (Lithuania)

“… B. Kutavičius‘ 1st Quartet was performed by the Kaunas String Quartet (Karolina Beinarytė-Palekauskienė, Aistė Mikutytė, Eglė Lapinskė, Saulius Bartulis). This Quarter, which happens to be one of the most committed partners of the festival, responsibly prepares interpretations and breathes the music they play, which is why we were able to hear all the junctures and other dramatic shifts within this piece …”
29 06 18 – Septynios meno dienos (Lithuania)

“…it was a huge pleasure to travel along the international pathways of these musicians, to feel their holistic and persuasive story, their emotional ascension and a profound understanding of the music they perform. To be more precise, Mozart’s Quartet sounded stylish, elegant, as if it was an ideal elevated above earthly worries. Fauré was relayed in a lush and compelling manner, and the masterly parts glittered and glared with rich nuance…”
16 06 17 – Septynios meno dienos (Lithuania)

“...Kaunas String Quartet is not going to bequeath the leading position on the Lithuanian string quartet scene, with such a brilliant and compelling principal violin as Karolina Beinarytė who could be coveted by any quartet. The Quartet demonstrated the professionalism and stylistic flexibility in a performance of Schubert’s The Rosamunde Quartet (No. 13 in A minor), chamber version of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 12 in A major with pianist Daumantas Kirilauskas as well as thoughtfully sophisticated I like Marlene Dietrich byVidmantas Bartulis…”
03 09 14 – Septynios meno dienos (Lithuania)

“The Kaunas Quartet performs a very large amount of contemporary music. You can just give them a [new] piece [to perform] and trust the performers that they will play it such that you hardly need to provide any further comment – this quartet instinctively senses how and what you wanted to compose. It is a great boon to have such a group in Kaunas ….”
18 11 13 – composer Dalia Kairaitytė, Lithuanian Radio

"...Kaunas String Quartet, which, indeed, could be called the Festival Quartet and hopefully will return to the subsequent festivals (this year Kaunas String Quartet appeared in four concerts and fascinated with its professionalism, attention and respect to the music performed as well as masterful interpretations), performed Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s Piano Quintet with pianist Daumantas Kirilauskas. From the beginning till the end it was a collaboration of outstanding musicians – a showcase in which issues of impeccable execution of passages, technical challenges of complex chords and perfect ensemble playing ceded to the beauty of the musical score…"
02 08 13 – Septynios meno dienos (Lithuania)

“...The Kaunas Quartet is a smoothly blended tightly cohesive unit... The powerful, incisive account created a desire to hear it again soon... The Quartet evidently has this music in their blood – their committed advocacy suggested that further hearings would prove rewarding... …Schubert was extravagantly done… the first violin on occasion soaring to the blue yonder…”
15 03 13 – Gloucester Citizen (United Kingdom)

“… The Kaunas String Quartet was an important discovery for me. It is such a professional, such a stylistically sophisticated ensemble that I have no hesitation in calling it the best quartet in Lithuania…”
15 07 11 – Lithuanian Radio

“… The Kaunas Quartet played Brahms’ String Quartet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 51 magnificently. This is not the first year that these musicians have demonstrated the highest mastery of performance, their close ensemble playing and stylistic understanding of 19th century music… Well, and the particular musical rhetoric of the quartet is in large part due to the intuitiveness and intensity of Karolina Beinarytė on the first violin…”
22 07 11 – Septynios meno dienos (Lithuania)

“…The memory brings back the concert, which had magnetized the audience at the Nida Evangelical Lutheran Church. At the concert Kaunas String Quartet – Karolina Beinarytė, Dalia Terminaitė, Eglė Karžinauskaitė and Saulius Bartulis – together with Dovilė Sauspreikšaitytė and Edmundas Kulikauskas performed the original version of Schoenberg’s Transfigured Night… It was exceptionally concordant, flexible and eloquent team of six string players, who were able to rise the complex musical score above the material element. One had the feeling that the opus was composed specially for this ensemble. Moreover, this feeling did not vanish when listening to their performance of Grażyna Bacewicz’ Forth string quartet and Schumann’s Quintet in E-flat major, Op. 44 (together with pianist Jurgis Karnavičius). The faculty for evading cliché interpretations, ability to breathe unrestrictedly and invest every single score with ever new artistic idea born out of genuine need to express themselves – these characteristics affirm Kaunas String Quartet’s vitality and utmost musicality. The Quartet is entering the 30th year of its professional career. Surprising quality – to be able to draw revitalisation and life from the professional experience…”
24 12 10 – Septynios meno dienos (Lithuania)

“…After listening to the performance of Schumann’s Piano quintet in E-flat major, Op. 44, Grażyna Bacewicz’ String quartet No. 4 and aforementioned opus by Schoenberg I subscribe to the thought of my colleague expressed before the festival – today Kaunas String Quartet is the best, most professional, most dynamic and most eloquent string quartet in Lithuania.”
17 09 10 – Literatūra ir menas (Lithuania)

“...A new programme displayed the ensemble’s maturity, virtuosity, concord and sensitive interpretations. No wonder Kaunas composers trust it with the performance of their works and dedicate their opuses to this ensemble.”
02 07 09 – Nemunas (Lithuania)

“…Kaunas String Quartet is an ensemble of the highest European standard. It represents Kaunas as an equal cultural phenomenon in European context. The fact that such a high-level ensemble resides in Kaunas not in the capital is of utmost importance to our cultural self-awareness; we are hopeful to live out of the cultural province.”
02 04 09 – Nemunas (Lithuania)