“…I would mention Justė Janulytė’s Aria I dedicated to Kaunas String Quartet, a subtle work, which steers the listener through a tricky melodic maize; Daiva Rokaitė’s intellectual and constructivist Quartet Soli, as well as V.Bartulis’ Quintet for strings and accordion, which revealed more of a Bartulis himself than citations and inspirations. I am unanimous with Vladas Švedas, one of the composers, that it was a substantial and challenging programme: “…parts are difficult, requiring high skill and maturity from the performers.”
04 12 08 – Nemunas (Lithuania)

“…the four string players (Karolina Beinarytė, Dalia Terminaitė (violins), Eglė Karžinauskaitė (viola), Saulius Bartulis (cello) performed with great finesse, precision, energy… The musicians roused new life to V. Bartulis’ Second string quartet Psalms – its emotional code was given an articulated reading, revealing the uniqueness and fragility of human nature…”
15 10 08 – Nemunas (Lithuania)

“…regardless of what they play, they always find subtle and genuine bond with music. And the listener in an almost unexplainable way feels that they care very much whether he will hear everything in a right way. Perhaps from this point of view the interpretation can be compared to the task of a jeweller?”
25 07 08 – Septynios meno dienos (Lithuania)

“…the ensemble is universal, colourful, open to novelties and true to classics. Not only the versatility of the repertoire, virtuosity or competition diplomas confirm their musical maturity. While listening to this Quartet one realises that there are several hidden criteria: listening attentively to one’s colleagues, subtle and mute ‘collaboration’, synchronic element. They perform with utmost accuracy, caring for every phrase and note. Nothing is left out: be it ‘bows’, dynamic diapason, temperament or character of a piece.”
24 01 08 – Nemunas (Lithuania)

“…General mood of the concert has made the biggest impression, when one could witness genuine and pure creativity at work… and excellently performed… polished to the most minuscule detail and contemplated by the four string players and the pianist…”
26 10 07 – Kauno diena (Lithuania)

“…Pianist Petras Geniušas drew the Kaunas String Quartet into his own spontaneous creative vortex. And how they all – Karolina Beinarytė, Dalia Terminaitė, Dovilė Sauspreikšaitytė and Saulius Bartulis – together with the passionate but at the same time focused and strong-willed pianist ignited Dmitri Shostakovich’s Piano quintet in G minor! Drama, virtuosity, irony, sincerity… The composer’s idea was stunningly explicit throughout the performance, solidified by logic. This kind of art requires expressiveness and intensity. However not only romantic, but more so expressionistic, inspired by the architectonics of the work. It is amazing to hear (“see”) it as if just created.”
28 07 06 – Literatūra ir menas (Lithuania)

“…Kaunas String Quartet astonished with the highest mastery, excellent ensemble, precise intonation… The four virtuosos of their instruments “blended” into a superb ensemble, giving a compelling performance, in which the musicians’ revealed idiosyncrasies of every composition by the composer …”
27 10 04 – Klaipėda (Lithuania)

“Kaunas String Quartet has performed Vasara 2004. Nida (Summer 2004. Nida) by V.Barkauskas. Communicably meditated beauty of a moment, delicateness, interplay of light and soft shade…”
30 07 04 – Literatūra ir menas (Lithuania)

“…an incredible string quartet from Lithuania has paid a visit to our city. The audience greeted it with ovation…we were fortunate to have the pleasure of listening to this wonderful concert, where Kaunas String Quartet has demonstrated its high professionalism and musicianship.”
07 05 04 – La Capital (Argentina)

“Composer Algimantas Kubiliūnas has dedicated his Third string quartet to Kaunas String Quartet as a sign of his gratitude for the ensemble’s heartfelt interpretations of new music… Pointillist segments, voiced by violin and viola, and supported by cello ostinato, were drifting as lonely sighs, weaving into a dramatic vertical line of sounds in the second movement.”
12 03 – Muzikos barai (Lithuania)